Flooring to Recommend to Clients

Flooring to Recommend to Clients to Make their Home Like New

When homeowners begin a renovation, the right flooring can be an important choice. As a contractor, they may rely on you to recommend flooring that works for their home and breathes new life into an old space.

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Indoor Flooring Design Trends

Like fashion and media, indoor flooring has trends that change from time to time; and keeping up with them is essential for contractors who want to provide on-trend flooring for their client’s next project.

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Various Types of Installation Methods

When to Utilize the Various Types of Installation Methods

As a contractor, you have plenty to juggle during a flooring installation. You want to use high-quality flooring that’s on-trend and helps you finish the job on time.

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Why Commercial Contractors Should Encourage Rubber Flooring in Gyms

Commercial gyms see a lot of foot traffic and heavy gym equipment. In order to be a successful and safe place for people to work out, gyms need flooring that can stand up to frequent use.

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What to Look For in Your Commercial Flooring Warranty as a Flooring Contractor

At Fishman Flooring Solutions, we know how important it is to use high-quality commercial flooring products on every job. You’ll also want to ensure your investment in quality is protected through a commercial warranty.

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Recycled Rubber Flooringr

Benefits of Using Recycled Rubber Flooring as a Contractor

More and more schools, fitness centers, and other facilities are turning to recycled rubber flooring as an eco-friendly option that offers all the benefits of traditional rubber flooring along with environmental benefits. Read about those below to decide if premium recycled rubber flooring from Landmark Interiors is right for your next project.

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warehouse shelves

What Contractors Should Consider When Choosing a Flooring Distributor

As a contractor, choosing the right flooring distributor is important when completing a successful project. You want to use high-quality, on-trend products that keep your clients happy while also staying within budget. The Fishman Flooring Solutions team, a distributor of Landmark Interiors, understands this because of our decades of experience in the construction business. Here are the four things we think all contractors should consider when choosing a flooring distributor.

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Man installing new laminated wooden floor

Why Contractors Should Use Value Engineering in Construction Projects

At Fishman Flooring Solutions, we know that the overall value of your products makes all the difference when it comes to completing a project within budget. As a contractor, you want to satisfy your clients’ requests with flooring and building materials that are both high-quality and high value.

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