Various Types of Installation Methods

When to Utilize the Various Types of Installation Methods 

As a contractor, you have plenty to juggle during a flooring installation. You want to use high-quality flooring that’s on-trend and helps you finish the job on time.

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Best Kid-Friendly Flooring

How to Choose the Best Kid-Friendly Flooring: Our Top Tips

Children change how parents do everything, including how we style and decorate our homes. When you have a child, their safety comes first. That’s why choosing kid-safe flooring is such an important part of creating your dream home.

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Coordinating the Trims to the Flooring

The Importance of Coordinating the Trims to the Flooring

When running a business, keeping your customers happy is an important part of the job. As a flooring retailer, this can mean carrying beautiful flooring at a competitive price point, as well as all the other materials your customers will need to complete their project. One way to stand out in your customers’ mind is by offering both flooring and coordinating trims.

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How to Clean Engineered Hardwood

5 Best Ways to Clean and Maintain LVT Flooring

When considering flooring for your home, cleaning and maintenance are important factors. An easy-to-clean floor should fit into your lifestyle and ease your busy schedule, whether it’s walking your dog before your next meeting or making dinner for the kids.

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Why Commercial Contractors Should Encourage Rubber Flooring in Gyms

Commercial gyms see a lot of foot traffic and heavy gym equipment. In order to be a successful and safe place for people to work out, gyms need flooring that can stand up to frequent use.

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What to Look For in Your Commercial Flooring Warranty as a Flooring Contractor

At Fishman Flooring Solutions, we know how important it is to use high-quality commercial flooring products on every job. You’ll also want to ensure your investment in quality is protected through a commercial warranty.

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How Your Flooring Makes a First Impression

When a guest or even a potential homebuyer enters your home, one of the first things they’ll notice is the floors. What kind of first impression are the floors in your home making?

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Best Flooring for Dogs

We all love our four-legged friends. However, they can be a bit rough on our floors. Of course, no floor is completely resistant to pets, but it’s essential to consider options that can stand up to long nails or wet paws.

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What Is the Best Flooring for Your Kitchen?

Your kitchen sees a lot of action. Whether that’s from daily meal prepping, kids trotting in and out for snacks, or dogs hoping for a few extra treats, kitchens are so often the focal points of our homes. When choosing the best flooring for your kitchen, you need something that can handle it all.

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Recycled Rubber Flooringr

Benefits of Using Recycled Rubber Flooring as a Contractor

More and more schools, fitness centers, and other facilities are turning to recycled rubber flooring as an eco-friendly option that offers all the benefits of traditional rubber flooring along with environmental benefits. Read about those below to decide if premium recycled rubber flooring from Landmark Interiors is right for your next project.

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