Are you building or renovating your next home and want to take an environmentally friendly approach? You can do so all the way down to the floors. Environmentally friendly flooring is an option for homeowners that can easily fit into the style you want for your home.

Landmark Interiors’ flooring products are environmentally friendly solutions made to complement your home’s aesthetic. Find out what that means below.  

What Does It Mean for Flooring to Be Environmentally Friendly?

Environmentally friendly flooring is better for the environment and better for those in your home. Why? Flooring is defined as environmentally friendly when it has a lower carbon footprint and uses recycled products where possible. The reuse of old materials helps mitigate waste.

Select flooring products are Made in America. This helps lower carbon emissions during transport and aids replanting efforts when you select hardwood or engineered hardwood.

Environmentally friendly flooring also benefits the environment inside your home. This flooring does not contain or release chemicals that reduce your home’s air quality as it ages. What’s good for the outdoors is also good for you and your family.

How to Determine if Flooring Is Environmentally Friendly

You can tell that flooring is environmentally friendly in a few ways. Flooring that meets high environmental standards can earn various certifications, including FloorScore® Certification and a CARB2 Certification.

To earn a FloorScore® Certification, flooring must pass rigorous testing and indoor air quality standards. The flooring product information will be reviewed, and there will be product tests to confirm the data reported.

California Air Resources Board’s Phase 2, or CARB2, has some of the strictest flooring certifications on the market. Flooring that earns a CARB2 Certification has minimized the formaldehyde used in flooring manufacturing. The less formaldehyde there is, the fewer emissions the flooring produces, which leads to better air quality.

You can learn about the different certifications Landmark Interiors flooring has obtained by viewing our Look Book.

Environmentally Friendly Flooring Continues to Perform Throughout Its Life

During a floor’s life and everyday use, it has the potential to emit low levels of pollutants, also known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). As a floor ages, these will dissipate. Eco-friendly flooring options use substantially less, or none, in their manufacturing to ensure these compounds don’t release into the air in your home.

If you decide you need to change your flooring, or if it’s come to the end of its life, this, too, can have an effect on the environment. Pulling up flooring may release any chemicals lingering in the flooring. Environmentally friendly flooring mitigates this by not using those chemicals in such high quantities or not using them at all.

Choosing Environmentally Friendly Flooring

When selecting environmentally friendly flooring, you’re choosing flooring that will cause less damage to your environment throughout its life. Landmark Interiors’ flooring products are the most environmentally friendly during construction and use.

For example, Landmark Interiors’ Betsy Ross collection is made in the USA, which means it doesn’t ship to you from overseas. Purchasing local products can cut down on transportation pollutants, including fossil fuels! When you purchase local products, you’re opting into a shorter supply chain without transoceanic shipping, leading to less pollutants.

Landmark Interiors’ engineered hardwood also adds durability and longevity to your flooring selection. It’s more durable than traditional hardwood. Engineered hardwood also relies on less virgin timber, making it a more sustainable option than solid hardwood flooring.

Visit Your Local Landmark Interiors Retailer to Explore Eco-Friendly Options Today

Landmark Interiors products are stylish and environmentally friendly options for homeowners who are looking to build or renovate their homes.

Visit your nearest flooring retailer to explore all the Landmark Interiors products that fit your style.

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