This year’s flooring trends feature a wide range of styles that include classic colors, modern designs, and everything in between. Plenty of which we offer as part of our line of premium flooring products from Landmark Interiors (contact us to stock them today!). To see any of our products in contexts, check out our floor visualizer!

Here are some 2022 flooring trends that we here at Fishman Flooring Solutions have identified that retailers should prepare for when restocking the shelves:

Bleached Wood

There’s just something so nice and new about bright finishes—they’re like the flooring version of that new-car smell. This year, white wood and light wood are in demand with builders and homeowners who want a high-quality product that’s simple to install at an affordable price.

They go easily with any décor and create a feeling of openness for your space. Landmark Interiors’ engineered hardwood and luxury vinyl tile and flooring options include whitewashes and blondes in the City of Oaks and Hilltop Unlimited collections.

Brown Tones

While bright finishes can bring a youthfulness to any space, sometimes nothing beats a classic. Timeless brown finishes are perfect for homes and residential spaces—anywhere you want to create a more distinguished feel. With luxury vinyl tile and plank collections like Hilltop, customers can capture that tried-and-true look in warm Willow Creek or rich, deep Tree Bark tones.

Smoked Hardwood

Everyone loves a twist on a classic. That’s why smoked hardwood finishes are catching people’s eyes these days. These edgy options offer the best of both worlds with a nice balance of bright wood and dark accents. Some collections to consider that offer this distinct smoky style include City of Oaks and Hilltop.

Wide/Oversized Planks

Wide or oversized planks can create a unique visual effect that makes a room look even larger and more open. Landmark Interiors offers many engineered hardwood collections that feature wide planks. Plus, our luxury vinyl tile and plank options like our Ascension collection include patterns that look like oversized hardwood while offering even more durability.

Weathered Looks

Nothing says vintage like some endearing wear and tear. That’s true whether you’re talking about clothes or flooring options. The “greige” trend has gained steam over the past year or two—brown beige with a dash of gray. For that weathered style, look no further than our Betsy Ross collection. Made and sourced in the USA, it includes the Liberty Bell line fashioned from hickory heartwood with a distressed and cracked look and plenty of tonal variance.

Patterned Wood

A good pattern is always pleasing to the eye, giving a room a nice sense of texture, and setting it apart. To help homeowners and businesses give their rooms that kind of appeal, our luxury vinyl tile and plank collections offer designs that perfectly replicate wood with stylish patterns. Look to our Ascension collections for an example of how patterned wood with embossed in register creates a realistic look of wood grain.


For truly grand spaces, sometimes stone is the way to go. Whether it’s an entry foyer, living space, studio, gallery, industrial building, or office, the polished and professional look of stone or concrete is always a winner. To provide your customers with that kind of option, consider our Ascension Traverse collections.

Check Out Our Trendy Flooring Options

From engineered hardwood to luxury vinyl, tile, and plank, and more, Landmark Interiors products can satisfy the desires of your customers this season. Check out our floor visualizer when you’re ready to see the floors above in context!

Contact Fishman Flooring Solutions to learn more about the flooring trends in 2022 that retailers should prepare for and order supplies for your store today.

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