At Fishman Flooring Solutions, we know that the overall value of your products makes all the difference when it comes to completing a project within budget. As a contractor, you want to satisfy your clients’ requests with flooring and building materials that are both high-quality and high value. This is a process called value engineering.

With premium flooring from Landmark Interiors, you get both value and quality, making these products ideal for maximizing every dollar spent on a project. Learn more about value engineering here, and how it can help you keep your clients happy while also reducing overall costs.

What Is Value Engineering in Construction?

Value engineering is a way to reduce cost without sacrificing functionality. It’s a proven method for maximizing value and keeping things under budget, which is important to you as a contractor.  

To be clear, value engineering works best if started early—in the design phase—and carried throughout the project. At Fishman Flooring Solutions, we work with contractors from ideation and installation to completion. You can be sure you’re using the Landmark Interiors premium flooring that offers you and your clients the most value.

Why Contractors Should Use Value Engineering

What’s the number-one advantage to using value engineering? The trust that you’ll build with your clients. You know that contract work is about building relationships, as much as it’s about building rooms and structures. By showing your clients that you’re interested in providing the highest-quality materials possible while also staying within their budget, you’ll turn first-time customers into repeat customers.

In addition to the relationship aspect, using value engineering keeps your projects within your own budget. By design, it lets you choose the most cost-effective materials without sacrificing form, functionality, or purpose.

With satisfied clients and projects finished within budget, value engineering offers a win-win for everyone involved.

Using Value Engineering for Flooring Projects: An Example

Choosing the right flooring options for your project is all about value engineering. Let’s say you’re working on a home where the client wants the look and feel of hardwood floors.

Natural hardwood can be a bit pricey, while engineered hardwood can be fashioned to deliver the same premium look as natural hardwood, without the cost. Not only that, but it offers easier installation (less installation time) and more longevity.

As your go-to for all things flooring installation, you can ask the Fishman Flooring Solutions team about how premium Landmark Interiors products can provide more value to your business and customers.

Learn More About Value Engineering

Contact Fishman Flooring Solutions to learn more about how our premium flooring products from Landmark Interiors are perfectly positioned for value engineering. Together, we’ll help you get the most value on your next project. Contact us today!

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