A Greenguard certification is a standing given only to interior products that are environmentally conscious—including many Landmark Interiors products. Greenguard certifications were first used as purchase specifications for the EPA and Washington state for furniture and commercial building supplies.

Greenguard is an independent, third-party certifier that measures the amount of chemicals or particle emissions from the flooring. The overall goal of this standing is to help keep customers safe and provide eco-friendly options.

The Two Levels of Greenguard Certification

There are two levels to Greenguard Certification: standard Greenguard certification and Greenguard Gold Certification. The basic Greenguard Certification is earned by meeting basic indoor air requirements, meaning the product has low chemical and product emissions. Greengard certified flooring helps reduce indoor air pollution as well as the risk of chemical exposure.

How Does Flooring Earn a Greenguard Gold Certification?

To earn a Greenguard Gold Certification, flooring must produce zero or close-to-zero chemical and particle emissions. Depending on the state you live in, there may be additional standards that flooring must meet.

Earning a Greenguard Gold Certification requires several steps:

  1. During the design process, a product will undergo multiple Greenguard tests.
  2. Once the product is created, it will be tested to measure its chemical and particle emissions.
  3. These field validation tests last one day to two weeks, depending on the type of Greenguard certification.
  4. If a flooring product emits low to no emissions, it will earn a Greenguard Gold certification.

What Are the Benefits of Greenguard Gold Certified Flooring?

When you shop for Greenguard Certified Gold flooring, you’re also shopping for eco-friendly flooring. You can choose the flooring you love while still focusing on sustainability.

Greenguard Gold certified flooring has several clear benefits:

Clean and Eco-Friendly Air Inside Your Home

Since Greenguard Gold certified flooring emits fewer emissions, homes with this kind of flooring tend to have cleaner air. Better indoor air quality is also better for asthmatics, so you or your children can breathe better. It also reduces the risk of chemical exposure.

In addition to the physical benefits, you also can enjoy peace of mind that your home’s flooring is safe and kinder to the environment.

It Matches Your Personal Style

Landmark Interiors’ Greenguard certified flooring also looks great. You can choose the flooring that completes your home’s look, whether you want a neutral gray—available in our Hilltop Essential collection—or prefer warm browns.

With our luxury vinyl tile or plank products, you can enjoy the look and design of hardwood while opting for easy-to-clean vinyl. Take your first peek at Landmark Interiors flooring in our Look book!

Explore Greenguard Gold Certified Landmark Interior Flooring at Your Local Flooring Retailer

Do you picture your home with sustainable flooring? Head to your local flooring retailer to check out Landmark Interiors flooring options that have earned a Greenguard certification.

Contact your local flooring retailer today to ask about Landmark Interiors Greenguard certified flooring.

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