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Commercial gyms see a lot of foot traffic and heavy gym equipment. In order to be a successful and safe place for people to work out, gyms need flooring that can stand up to frequent use.

The team at Fishman Flooring Solutions recommends our Landmark Interiors premium rubber flooring products, which are a durable, low-maintenance flooring option for gyms. Not only that, but they look great while offering simple installation options. Fishman Flooring Solutions has been in business for decades, and we’ve helped countless contractors with various projects, including gyms.

Here’s what we’ve learned about why commercial contractors should encourage rubber flooring in gyms.

Rubber Floors Keep Exercising Safe

Rubber flooring can be key to keeping gym attendees safe when working out. It’s specifically designed to be slip-resistant and durable, even when the commercial gym sees plenty of foot traffic, vibrations from exercise equipment, and changes due to humidity levels.

You’ll want to be able to guarantee your clients that the flooring you’re installing is safe for their patrons. While safe flooring is clearly good for a gym owner’s business, it’s good for yours as well.

Rubber Flooring Is Fast and Easy to Install

The speed and difficulty of installation are often a factor when planning out a project in terms of man-hours and budget. Rubber flooring is generally quick and easy to install, with several installation options, including:

  • Glue-Down
  • Double-Face Tape Down
  • Interlocking Systems and Connectors

As you know, interlock installation is a method that can help to cut down on installation times and reduce your overall costs as a contractor by repurposing the floor.  This is typically used for tile rubber floor options.

Additionally, glue-down and double-face tape-down installation options can be used for either rubber roll or tile flooring. Glue-down installation is especially useful under treadmills or other machines because it stays still, even when the machine is running.

Gym Floor

Color Options Offer Branding Opportunities for Gyms

Some gym owners might want their flooring to make an impact—and we’re not just talking about the weights. This can be done through branding and color options. Rubber flooring can be more than just plain black. Using rubber flooring that can add a sprinkle of color or be customized to a specific customer’s brand allows your job to stand out.

Our premium rubber flooring products offer some color options that can help your clients brand their space or simply create a stronger visual appeal. Check out our free look book to see the many colors we offer for our premium rubber flooring products.

Recycled Rubber Floors Can Be Eco-Friendly

Going green has become a concern for many different businesses, including gyms. For example, reusable water bottles are commonplace in gyms because they cut down on plastic waste. Gym owners looking to go green in other areas are sure to appreciate an eco-friendly rubber flooring product.

With Landmark Interiors’ post-consumer recycled rubber flooring, contractors can offer gyms a greener option. Recycled rubber flooring is often more durable than typical rubber and can even be recycled when installing new floors.

Learn More About Landmark Interiors Rubber Flooring Products Today

If you’re looking for a flooring provider that offers different rubber flooring options—from density to color—consider Fishman Flooring Solutions’ Landmark Interiors products. We’ll work with you to help you get the rubber flooring you need to complete your next project.

Contact Fishman Flooring Solutions to discover more about our Landmark Interiors rubber flooring products today.

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