A lot goes into making a house a home. One of the biggest steps is deciding what flooring it’ll have. When choosing flooring options, it’s natural to consider features, style, and durability.

Most homeowners only want to renovate when it’s time to update a room. So, it’s natural to want flooring options built to last. Which flooring lasts the longest? Let’s find out in this blog from Landmark Interiors!

Longest Lasting Flooring Options

Chances are, you’ve probably heard some hearsay about different types of flooring. Are tile floors vulnerable to wear and tear? Does vinyl flooring show scuffs and scrapes? Don’t hardwood floors last forever?

The truth is that many different floorings can stand up to the test of time. Even floors that sustain heavy foot traffic, like your entry foyer and kitchen, can last for years at a time.

That’s because great flooring is part of what makes a floor last longer. When it comes to your home, the floor that lasts the longest is the one you take care of on a regular basis.

How To Take Care of Your Floors

Whether your home has engineered hardwood flooring or luxury vinyl tile and plank (LVT/LVP), maintaining the floors in your home is the easiest way to keep them looking great and in good condition for a long time.

The nice thing about LVT/LVP and engineered hardwood floors is that they’re both easy to clean. You can dust or vacuum them quickly, then gently wipe them with a little cleaning solution. It’s best to avoid using water to clean your floors since it can leave watermarks or spots.

Another thing to remember is that spot cleaning is just as important as cleaning the entire room. Picking up individual spills and dirt is always recommended. Just a few minutes of maintenance can help your floors last for years.

Durable Flooring Features

In addition to regularly cleaning your floors, choosing the right type of flooring for your space is important. For example, a mud room where kids and pets run around constantly will endure much more than the floors in your kitchen or bedroom.

Fortunately, engineered hardwood and LVT/LVP are designed with built-in features that can withstand wear and tear, such as water-resistant laminate.

Several more stylish engineered hardwood collections, such as Betsy Ross, City of Oaks, and Country Oaks, feature an anti-scratch coating. With that kind of protection, flooring maintains its finish, which allows your home to look lived in, yet still stylish.

Additionally, LVT/LVP offers options, like Ascension, that are made to be moisture-resistant, stain-resistant, and fade-resistant. That way, you won’t have to worry about spills or the color fading from the sun. You can even feel comfortable moving furniture around without worrying about scraping the floor.  

These resilient flooring features ensure that no matter which flooring option you’re interested in, it’ll stay as stylish and durable as the day you had it installed.

Check Out Our Floor Visualizer

When it comes to picking the best floor for your home, look no further than Landmark Interiors. We offer a variety of LVT/LVP and engineered hardwood options that’ll look as good as new years later. With our Floor Visualizer, you can see what they look like in your home before you decide to buy.

Once you’ve explored our flooring options and decided on the one for your home, contact your nearest Landmark Interiors retailer to get started.

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